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How it Works

Choose your items

Add as many products as you want to you shopping basket

Checkout and Signup

When checking out, select Clearpay and Signup for an instant decision


Once you've made your first payment, we'll ship your items straight away

No Hidden Costs

Clearpay will take your payments every two weeks with no hidden costs or interest unless you are late making a payment

Anything else I should know?

Clearpay is not available when purchasing Gift Cards from Studio Aung. Also, Clearpay is only available 

on our UK website.

Some other information you should know;

  • You can add as many items to your cart up to the total value of £1000

  • Customer agreements are with Clearpay, not Studio Aung

  • Returns are processed as normal inline with our Returns policy

  • If you miss a payment with Clearpay, they may charge you a late fee

  • You must be 18 and over and have a UK address to us Clearpay

If you would like more information on Clearpays' Terms and conditions, click here

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